The Medimancer

Session 5

The Land of Long Battles

The party set off toward Drierdock with Sarah and Grawl in tow. They encountered a common owlbear in the woods and dealt with it too easily. Margota helped them a bit, but nobody noticed. After they killed it, Linus kidnapped grawl and the party split up. UGH. Margota saw it happen. Martha, Floyd, and Sarah return to town. Martha cures herself of poison. They go to Morello’s and learn that he has just been robbed. They stay the night and when they leave, they run into a couple beggars. After giving them a bit of money and learning a bit of info about the thieves, they go to the coroner and Martha pays him to embalm the beast heart. As the leave the coroner’s, more beggars appear and Floyd lets slip that he has 400 coins. Then Linus appears with a very stiff Grawl. After attempting to hug Grawl, Floyd dispels the illusion. Linus then falls over, faking pain, and transforms into a Pumpkinian. After arguing for FOREVER they head into the sewers and follow a trail of coins. They are ambushed by some cut throats who know they have 400 coins. The party hands them their ass and continues on their way. After leaving the sewers they find themselves just outside of town, in the forest. They continue following the trail of coins until it crosses the road where they meet Margota and the real Grawl. Margota learns they’re working for Morello and decides to assist. They track the thieves to a cave. Tripping a trap or two and ruining the element of surprise, they stumble into the main chamber. The thieves put up a good fight, but are too weak. The nullus swordsman leader starts wiping the floor with them for about 1 turn before getting his ass handed to him too. The party divides the loot and returns with two paralyzed thieves in tow, to Morello’s mansion. He thanks them again and shows them the pearl. Martha picks up her embalmed beast heart.



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