The Medimancer

Session 2

On the Hunt

the party went to the inn and met Martha. They then spoke with a man (Samuel DeNomy) pleading for adventurers to find some missing children and slay the beast who kidnapped them. They accepted his quest and left the next morning.

They set off on the hunt and met up with two brothers who would join them. In the woods they separated themselves while chasing the red gorilla and Grawl murdered one of the brothers in secret. They followed the beast to a cave. Inside they did battle with it. Grawl attempted to murder the children outright but failed. After the beast was slain, Floyd befriended the children and inducted them to the ranks of the cinder scouts.
On returning through the woods the alive brother found the dead brother and mourned at his murder. They returned to the village and were paid by Samuel who then told them that his master would like to meet them tomorrow. Grawl followed the living brother to the mortician and then attempted to murder both of them. Knocking the mortician out and trying to poison the brother’s tea. He was stopped by Floyd.



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